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Customised Heating Solutions for All Your Industrial Needs

Our diverse selection of heating solutions caters to a broad range of needs, ensuring that every business owner, facility overseer, or property manager discovers the ideal match for their specific prerequisites. From eco-friendly warm air heating to resilient industrial heaters, we address various demands in industrial climate regulation, including:

Warehouse Heating

At Compass Engineering, we specialise in custom heating solutions designed to install and upkeep your warehouse environment, guaranteeing optimal heating functionality at all times.

Factory Heaters

Ensure peak operational performance in your production facility with our dependable factory heating systems, maintaining optimal working conditions.

Workshop Heating

Establish a conducive and comfortable work environment for your employees through our workshop heating solutions, fostering productivity.

Industrial Unit Heaters

Enhance temperature regulation and energy conservation within expansive industrial settings using our industrial unit heaters. Recognising the vastness and height of industrial spaces, we prioritise maintaining a consistent minimum temperature.

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Ready to enhance your warehouse heating setup? Contact us in Epsom today to delve into your project needs and discover the advantages our heating solutions can bring to your enterprise. Every remarkable endeavour begins with exchanging ideas, and we're here to transform your concept into actuality.

Optimise Your Warehouse Heating

Why Choose Us?

With extensive industry experience, we possess the expertise and knowledge to conceptualise, implement, and upkeep heating systems precisely attuned to your demands.
Tailored Solutions
Recognising the uniqueness of each enterprise, we offer bespoke heating solutions customised to your specific requirements and financial parameters.
Through our collaboration with Warm Air Units and Powrmatic, we ensure the provision of dependable, top-notch heating systems guaranteeing consistent performance.
Energy Conservation
Our heating solutions are engineered to optimise energy usage, facilitating operational cost reduction and minimising ecological footprints.
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